Understanding integrations

Integrations are furl’s way of allowing Experience builders to interact with third-party tools with minimal setup or required technical expertise. We’ve designed integrations with the intentions that any user can configure and use them to accomplish business goals. To see a list of all third-party tools furl integrates with, login to your furl workspace and navigate to the Applications page. Here you will see all applications available, the actions and triggers they support, and be able to create and manage connections associated with the each integration.

To request a new integration or capability, please use our Discord integration channel and provide as much detail as possible about your integration needs.

The anatomy of an integration

Integrations are made up of three primary parts:

  1. Connections: How we connect and authenticate to third-party tools
  2. Actions: The specific function performed while interacting with a tool
  3. Triggers: A way to start an experience based on changes or events from a tool

How to build a new integration

To build or contribute to an integration, see Extending furl.