Connecting to Trello

Connecting to Trello is a great way to use furl to automatically create cards as part of your furl experience. Unfortunitely, Trello isn’t the easiest connection to setup. This guide will walk you through getting your API Key and Token for the connection.

Create a new power-up

The first step is to create a Power-up for your Trello account. This is done by going to and clicking the “New” button.

Create a power-up by going to your power-ups admin and clicking the new button

Fill Out the power-up Form

Fill out the form with the following information:

New Power-Up Name: furl Workspace: Select your workspace you want to connect to furl from the dropdown Iframe connector URL (Required for Power-Up): Leave this blank. There will be a placeholder in the field. You can ignore it. Email: Your email address Support contact: Your email address or the support email for your team Author: Your name

Then click Create.

Fill out the form and click create

Get the API key

Once you hit create, you’ll be taken directly to the API Key page. If you’re not, you can get there by going to and clicking on the Power-up you just created, then on the API Key tab on the left.

Click “Generate a new API key”

Generate a new API key

You’ll see a popup confirmation. Click “Generate API key”

Now you see a view that has 3 fields. The top is your API key. Copy this value and paste it into the API Key field in furl.

Copy your API key from the field and click the token link to generate your token

Get the token

Now that you have the API key, you need to get the token.

Next to the API key, you’ll see a link that says “Token”. Click that link.

The link will open a new page that asks if you want to give your Power-up access to your Trello account. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Allow”.

You’ll be taken to a page that has a long string of characters. This is your token. Copy this value and paste it into the Token field in furl.

Update your activity and run your experience

You’re all set to start creating cards in Trello as part of your furl experience. Update your activity and run your experience to see the cards appear in Trello.